2018 Officers
Meets: 1st Tuesday of each month 7:00PM - Room #1
Thomas Pritchard - President - 816.223.1422
Ralph Dickinson - Vice President - 816.392.7015
Larry Gonnello - Secretary - 816.356.7515 kc0fd@att.net
Chet Hallberg - Treasurer - 208.598.0094


The Ararat Radio Club is dedicated to using their communication skills to assist the Shrine in its mission.   “We talk so they can walk” is our motto.  

We live that motto by providing assisting the Shrine with special event communications.   Our Ararat Shrine Radio Club golf cart with p/a, 2 meter and the private Shrine business band radios saves a lot of steps.  

We raise funds through our annual Ham Radio Swap Meet the ‘Hamfest’ each year. Additionally we provide radio repeater service on 2 meters and 440 mhz.  Our repeaters are used by other organizations for marathons and nets; especially the local weekly SATERN Salvation Army net.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our club or to become a ham radio operator give us a call.  We can ‘elmer’ you into the club and the hobby.


 Be sure to visit the Ararat Shrine Amateur Radio Club web site at: http://www.hambash.com/