2018 Officers
Meets: 3rd Wednesday of each month 7:00 PM Room B
Morris Carter “Candyman” - Director - 660.537.1504 - morriscarter1@hotmail.com
Jack Scarbrough “Sir Clarence” President 816.807.6988 - jscarbrough01@comcast.net
Eddie Paul Vice-President 816.820.2747 elpmufan@gmail.com
Keith Smith “Keys” Treasurer Cell: 816.858.1253 - kdsmith007@gmail.com

“Here Come the Clowns” is usually what’s repeated when the clowns are in town.  The goal and attitude of the Ararat Clowns is to get a chance to get close to the young ones.  The Ararat Clown Unit was founded in 1960 and now boasts an active strength of 30 members.  The Ararat Clowns make monthly visits to area hospitals and one yearly trip to the Shrine Childrens Hospital in St. Louis.  They entertain in open houses, Cub and Girl Scout meetings, parades and the Annual Shrine Circus.  If you want a smile… be sure to see the Ararat Clowns and join thousands from all over the United States who have had the opportunity to share in the fun making.