2018 Officers
Meets: Thursday after Temple Meeting 7:00 PM
Jerry McClary - Director - 816.509.2511 C  MJBMcClary@aol.com
Marc Hoefer - President - 816.878.3778 - 816.726.2258 marchoefer10@gmail.com
Marvin Schreiner - Vice President - 816.309.6585 msschreiner@kc.rr.com
Cyrus Devry - Secretary - 816.805.9304 cyrusdevry021@gmail.com
Gregory Paton - Treasurer - 816.726.2258 ptngrg@gmail.com

The Potentate appoints the Director of the Ararat Directors Staff who is responsible for the staging, lighting and equipment for the 1st Ritualistic sections and conducting all 2nd sections.

The Directors Staff was chartered in 1950, although there was always a Director and groups of Nobles who dedicated themselves to the duties. The Directors Staff now has a membership of approximately 100 Nobles in five groups. Regular, Life, Veteran, Auxiliary and Honorary. The active unit strength is about 40.

The Directors Staff is one of the vehicle parade units, They have two parade vehicles, a truck with a calliope that pulls a float and a 1923 Model "T" Ford balanced so it bucks backward on its rear wheels. The float has a large map of North America on each side showing the Shrine Hospitals and Burn Institute locations.