2018 Officers
Meets: 1st Wednesday of each month 7:00PM Rooms A & B
George Thompson - Director - Cell: 816.591.0216  llyons@tallmanins.com
Jack Mote - President - 816.453.1136 jmote@aol.com
Steve Costigan - Vice President/Treasurer - 816.898.7757 scostiganjr@evanservo.com
Kim Wilcox - Secretary - 913.248.4434  kewilcox62@gmail.com
Come with a Smile . . . Leave with a Laugh
Sixty-nine years ago, in 1943, an Ararat Shrine committee known as the "Glad Handers" was renamed the Ararat Greeters and re-established as a uniformed Marching Unit at the direction of Illustrious Potentate Cass W. Browning. From their inception, they have provided a climate fostering growth, service, proficiency and esprit-de-corps.

The Unit's objectives are to promote the welfare of Shrinedom in general and at Ararat Shrine in particular. The Greeters are responsible for greeting and welcoming the Nobility at designated Shrine functions, performing such other related duties as the Illustrious Potentate may direct and participating in parades and ceremonials while maintaining a high standard of proficiency, appearance and morale.
The current membership of the Greeters is eighty-six.  There are 40 classified as active, 7 auxiliary and 39 "less active" known, as Honorary Veterans who have achieved and served their "active" service but who are still active.
The Greeters have had 6 members advance through the Divan to claim the title of “Illustrious Sir”:
1990 - Donald A Hartstack PP 1993 - Robert L Beeler PP
1998 - Robert C Farrell PP 2002 - Kermit D Bright PP
2004 - Robert L Perusich PP 2008 - David W Gordon PP
The Greeter Unit, from its inception, has provided a climate that fosters growth, service, proficiency and esprit de corps.   It is a distinguished performer in the circus ticket sales area.  Members serve actively at the Circus Performances, the annual Swap Meets, the Antique Car Shows, the Ceremonials, Parades and other annual events.

The Unit schedules and enjoys a fantastic yearly social calendar including formal parties, excursions, seasonal events, steak fries, etc.  If it's good fun, the Greeters do it.