2017 Officers
Meets: 1st Friday of each month 7:30 PM Sultans Lounge
Tom Riley - Director 816-718-0278   tommytiger81@yahoo.com
Troy Brooks - President 816-853-3165  troymbrooks@aol.com
Scott Towler - Secretary 816-806-2279 stowler50@gmail.com
Jon Preslar - Treasurer 910/987-0711  jonathon_preslar@yahoo.com

The Ararat Shrine Mini-Indy's, organized in 1983, is one of the most crowd pleasing units.

The 1/2 scale race cars powered by an 11 horse engine performs high speed precision drills. that are relayed from the director to each car by way of miniature CB radios installed in the cockpits.

The unit currently has 11 race cars, 2 corvettes pace cars and 2 wreckers.