2018 Officers
Meets: 3rd Monday of each month 7:30PM Room 1
James Murray - Director 816.210.8563   txstra@aol.com
Giuseppe Baldin - President - 816.651.9117   gbford73@gmail.com
Ron Faklam - Vice President/Treas 816.914.3075  airwolfe@msn.com
In 1947 the idea to form a motorcycle parade unit and a drill team, with the mystique of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, was generated at a meeting of the Drum and Bugle Corps and members of the Jackson County Shrine Club. This idea led to a special meeting Jan. 23, 1948, and the first election of officers was held. In July of 1948, several members went to get approval from the Imperial Council, and returned with a charter as the First Harley-Davidson motorcycle units to not only represent Ararat Shrine Center but the Imperial Council of North America as well. As a matter of history and fact, records indicate that this unit was the first organized two-wheeled unit to be sanctioned by the Imperial Council.

First practices were held at 40 highway and Manchester, and 14th and McGee. Although, many other spots have hosted practice between 1948 and now, today we are very proud to use the practice field located behind our Shrine building. You can usually find us there each Sunday afternoon during the warm months, honing our skills and enjoying brotherhood.

The Ararat Motor corps was a primary leader in the establishment of the Central States Association of Shrine Motor Corps and the International Association of Shrine Motor Corps. Ararat has had members participate as Line Officers and Presidents of both organizations and regularly competes in drill, obstacle course and slow ride competitions in both organizations. Ararat Motor Corps boasts a very high percentage of “First Place” wins in all competitions competed.

While supporting all activities of Ararat Shrine Center, our support of the Shrine Hospitals for Children has always been exemplified by our motto, “OUR WHEELS TURN SO CRIPPLED CHILDREN MAY WALK”. We have a yearly ride called the “Ride of Champions”. It is a “poker run”, on motorcycles, designed to promote brotherhood.

The Ararat Motor Corps is a very proud unit with years of history. To learn more and acquire how to become a member or social member, please contact our Membership Chairman listed above.