2018 Officers
Meets: 1st Monday of each month 7:30PM
Gary Seger - Director - 816.536.0708 gdschev41@att.net
Wes Miller - President - 660.723.2555 wmiller582002@yahoo.com
Leonard Huff - Vice President - 816.529.4868 - leonardhuff44@gmail.com
Richard Floyd - Secretary/Treasurer - 816.985.0776 - rfloyd8@kc.rr.com
Ole Cars is a Unit composed of members who parade and display on behalf of Ararat Shrine, their antique vehicles which must be at least 25 years old, in excellent original or restored condition, qualified for Missouri Historic Vehicle licenses and approved by a select committee of Past Directors of the Unit.

The Unit received their Charter September 17th, 1984, and twelve of the 21 Charter Members remain active in the Unit. Assigned strength is 25 Active however we are authorized an addition 6 Auxiliary (Active-Reserve), plus Veterans, Life Members and Honorary which are not limited in number. Currently we have 24 Active Members, 2 Reserves, 5 Veterans and 3 Life Members which gives us a street strength of 34. We are proud to have 3 Past Potentates among our ranks and our by-laws give us the flexibility to “make room” for more good NOBLES.

Since our creation the Unit has been 100% each year on Circus support, participated in every Central States Convention, made every parade call-out and every Shrine function when our presence was requested. Our primary fund-raising event has been providing drivers for various antique car auctions in the Kansas City area. From time to time we have social functions to include our LADIES which varies from dinner play houses to touring places of interest. This is a very proud group (more like a family) who obviously takes pride in ownership of their “Ole-Cars” but more importantly, are dedicated to the cause's of Shrinedom and wear their red fez’s with honor.

Our Unit meets at 7:30 P.M. the first Monday of each month (most always) at Ararat Shrine. We dine with our LADIES who socialize while we have our meeting. NOBLES are welcomed to “come visit and look us over”. Any of our Officers and/or members would welcome an opportunity to answer any questions a NOBLE might have about (what we consider) one of the finest Units of all Shrinedom.