2018 Officers
Meets: Business Meeting 1st Monday after Temple meeting 7:00 PM | Practice: 6:30 PM every Mon
Curtis Abma - Rajah - 816.797.8398 dutchsander1@gmail.com
Ed Spotts - President - 816.616.5882 animaled3@yahoo.com
Ray “Fritz” Kingsley - Secretary - 816.215.3303 - budruf25453@att.net


In 1949, the Oriental Band was formed as a unit of Ararat Shrine. The band was fathered by the Sentinels of Ararat Shrine which was organized and chartered in 1946.

Oriental Band of the Ararat Shrine

The following synopsis of the Oriental Band of Ararat Shrine compiled for the benefit of potential, new, and existing members of the Band to help them understand the procedures and protocol of our unit.  Some of these points are set by both the Ararat Shrine by-laws, others by the Oriental Band by-laws and some by guidelines set by the Band’s Executive Board over the course of time.  If you have any questions regarding the interpretation of these points please ask the current Rajah or President who will be able to answer them or get the correct information for you.  Our past Rajahs are another group with a wealth of knowledge who can answer your questions and inform you of the proud history of the Oriental Band.  


·        Business meetings are held on the first Monday after the Shrine Meeting each month.  The Band does not go dark in the summer months so in the event of no Shrine meeting in the summer ours is the first Monday after the second Wednesday of the month.  The Business meeting starts at 7:00 PM with the attire being our business uniform.  The meeting is currently held in the music room on the second floor behind the stage at the Shrine.

·        Practices are held on every Monday of each month at 6:30 PM till 7:30 PM in the music room behind the stage at the Shrine.  Attendance at practices is needed to be able to form a nucleus for our parades, ceremonials and competition.  Dress for practices is casual.


         Active:  A member who regularly attends practices, meetings and functions of the Band who after a period of time set by the current Rajah is put on the active roster with the Shrine office.  Our current strength is 30 active members.  An active member is entitled to voting privileges in the Band.

         Inactive:  A member who attends some of the functions of the Band or who needs to be away from the Band for an extended period of time due to family or health issues.  A new Noble is in theory an inactive member until placed on the active roster by the current Rajah.

         Life Member:  A member of the Band who has served as President or Rajah of the Band and who has been an active member of the Band for 10 years.

         Honorary Member:  A Noble elected by the band by nomination at a yearly meeting from outside the Unit who has assisted the Band over the past as a non-member.  Honorary members do not have voting privileges in the Band. 

Uniforms and Equipment

         The Business Uniform consists of a Fez with the Oriental Band lettering on it, a Red Sport Coat, Black Pants, White Shirt and Black Tie.  The Purchase of the Business Uniform is the members expense.  For information on where to purchase the red jacket and the lettering on your Fez please see the Quartermaster, President or Rajah.

         The "GOLD CURLY TOED SHOES", a marquee of the Oriental Band, are purchased by the new member unless a pair which has been donated back to the band is available for use.  These shoes are usually a current pair which are comfortable for walking and are taken to a shoe repair parlor and have the curls added to them.  Prices vary and we constantly look for vendors who will do this work for us.  Once made the member paints them with gold spray paint.  Please see the Quartermaster for more details on this.

         Parade and Ceremonial uniforms are provided by the band for new active and potentially active members along with your designated instrument.  The type of uniform is predicated on availability and will be issued by the Quartermaster or his delegate from our current inventory.  The added jewelry for pageantry is the members responsibility and can be found at garage sales over the summer months.  Gaudy jewelry is appropriate but must be kept in Masonic Tenants. Makeup is provided by the Band for necessary usage.  The uniforms and equipment provided by the Band are the Bands property and an equipment sign out form is required from the Quartermaster for this property.  In the event no uniforms are available, the new member can purchase a pattern and the material for a Caftan.  We have some of the Casbah Darlins’ that can make it for you if you cannot have it done yourself.  The band will reimburse you for the material up to $30.00 and up to $20.00 to have it made.  We will also provide an eagle for your headgear, the scarf is your desecration as to the fabric and color. 


         RAJAH:  The Rajah is the DIRECTOR of our unit and is an appointed position made by the Potentate of Ararat Shrine.  This appointment is made in the latter part of the year by the Chief Rabban, the upcoming Potentate for the next year.  The Rajah has the final word in the Band’s functions and relays information from the Potentate to the Unit regarding parades, ceremonials and special requests of the Shrine for the Unit. 

         PRESIDENT:  The president is an elected officer of the Band voted into the position at the November meeting of each year.  His responsibilities include the running of all business meetings, appointing the committees for his year in office, ensuring the smooth execution of the offices of his line officers and planning any activities for the social benefit of the Band during his year.  He acts as the Chief Executive and Financial Officer for the Band .

         VICE-PRESIDENT:  The vice president is an elected officer of the Band voted into the position at the November meeting each year.  His responsibilities include Chairing the Circus Committee, filling in for the president in his absence at business meetings and assisting the president in requested functions predicated by his availability.

         TREASURER:  The treasurer is an elected officer of the Band voted into the position at the November meeting each year.  His responsibilities include the maintenance of the funds of the Band, making timely deposits, paying the bills as approved by the Band, providing monthly statements as to the financial status of the Band, maintaining all receipts is appropriate categories for all expenditures of the Band and providing the Recorder with an annual statement on the appropriate form each year as designated by Ararat Shrine.  The treasurer will need a knowledge of a computer program similar to Quicken or Money.  Based on availability a basic computer will be provided by the Band to the treasurer for the execution of his duties.

         SECRETARY:  The Secretary is an elected officer of the Band voted into the position at the November meeting each year.  His responsibilities include the mailing of dues notices to all members annually, the maintenance of the Band’s yearly roster with correct addresses and phone numbers of all members and the mailing of the same by April each year, the mailing of monthly calendar of events of the Band to each active / potentially active members, the updating and submission of new members information to the Ararat business office on a timely manner, the sending of all correspondence to members at the request of the president or the Rajah and the reading and posting of all incoming correspondence related to the general membership at each slated business meeting.  The mailings of the secretary are done from the Ararat business office and the appropriate fees for such are paid by the treasurer upon receipt of invoices from the business office on a monthly basis.  All copies of the same are made at the business office for the mailings.

         RECORDING SECRETARY:  The recording secretary is an elected officer of the Band voted into position at the November meeting.  His duties include the recording of the minutes of the executive board meetings and the regular slated business meetings of the Band.  The minutes of the prior month business meeting are read by the recording secretary at the start of the current months’ meeting and voted on for approval by the membership.  These minutes are an integral part of the Bands archives and must be kept with the yearly records of the Band.

 Please be aware that the above mentioned duties are an overview of each position and the Rajah or President may ask any line officer to assist him in the endeavors of the Band during the year to relieve excess burden on any one officer.